Fudge Styling

FUDGE STYLING PRODUCTS includes the famous and well known Shaper which will help you create and style like never before. These products can sculpt, define and add texture to your look allowing you too create any shape you wish to achieve.

Used by top salons across the world these styling products achieve professional results every time. All Fudge styling products have a UVA/UVB filter to protect from harmful sun rays.

Fudge Colour

FUDGE PAINTBOX COLOURS are 100% Peroxide and Ammonia Free!!

Fudge Paintbox hair colours allows you to paint the town red, blue, pink or whatever colour takes your fancy. Fudge Paintbox provide intense colour and equally intense condition for bright, nourished hair. Really have fun with these extreme semi permanant colours. Whether it's fine or chunky streaks or all over colour you'll definitely stand out from the crowd.

Your hair colour will stay vibrant for up to 20 washes too so you'll be able to spend less time colouring your hair and more time having lots of colourful fun.

Fudge Care

FUDGE HAIR CARE PRODUCTS are loved by hair professionals world-wide.

With a wide range including shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products, Fudge are fighting a war against bad hair! If you need help with your hair, try Fudge Daily Mint Shampoo - perfect for detoxing stressed hair, whilst Body Builder Conditioner will give hair some extra oomph!

To create unique and different hair styles try Matte Hed (for matte volume and hold) or Hair Shaper (to control and texturise all hair types).