Voilà InterCosmo


There are colours that you enter the heart and change you forever. For over 30 years Voilà is the Italian brand in the service of hairdressing, in an unbreakable bond of loyalty and success, research and attention to detail and Made in Italy.

In an exciting line of products, Voilà contains all the values ​​that make a successful brand of Italian style around the world: elegance, charm, quality, creativity, personality and beauty. Not only colour, and then , but also style, trends and tradition. Intercosmo Voilà is the world devoted to you and colour. It is attention to detail, unconditional love for every single detail that makes the difference.

Nutrilux InterCosmo

The new generation of colour is called Nutrilux Intercosmo.

An innovative formula containing Macadamia Oil to add natural results to the performance of colour . Ammonia&PPD free formula.A new generation of colour designed to meet the new demands of a market that demands high performance, for effective, cosmetic, sophisticated, natural results.

Elixir79 InterCosmo

From a distant land with a wealth of history and centuries-old traditions comes Elixir79, the beauty potion that gives your hair the shine and splendour of Gold, the most precious of metals.

The secret of this magical beauty elixir lies in its exclusive formula centring around a blend of organic oils with extraordinary properties and inebriating fragrances.

The combination of Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Orange Blossom and Pink Pepper creates an unprecedented olfactory experience, while the properties of Argan Oil, Linseed Oil and Sweet Cyperus give the hair irresistibly seductive softness and shine.

Energia InterCosmo

A healthy diet, you know, it helps to live better. The same applies to the hair. Knowing how to choose the right ingredients, according to the different problems, is the first step to have hair not only more beautiful but also healthier. Energy is the new and sensational signature line InterCosmo nourishes the hair with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements from mineral and plant, making it more bright, vital, healthy and hydrated.

Energy is an environmentally friendly line in the round: its products are based on totally natural ingredients, the packaging is 100% recyclable materials and merchandise are FSC certified, from sustainably managed forests in the true respect for nature.

Estro InterCosmo

Tradition, innovation, creativity and passion. A stunning new line of Hair Styling in the name of Made in Italy. Intercosmo has planned for you a sensational product line that encompasses all values ​​and all the quality of Italian tradition.

Intercosmo wanted to celebrate the uniqueness and genius of Made in Italy. Discover 3 exclusive looks of this line that expresses all the aspects that make the Italian style in a brand envy around the world. Three knowledge, three colors, three codes that represented so many lifestyle and Estro-Intercosmo has managed masterfully to turn in three looks: Natural, Glamour, Creative.

ESTRO is taste, attention to detail is fascinating, is style and refinement.