Lakmé Colour

CREATIVITY AND EXPERIENCE IN PERMANENT HAIR COLOURING - Collage results in a technologically advanced range of colours, with endless possibilities of highlights and shades.

THE WAY TO BLEACH FOR EXCELLENT RESULTS - Super active bleaching in a compact powder that lightens up to 8 real shades. Contains highly effective agents that achieve an extreme degree of bleaching.

DEMI-PERMANENT COLOUR. BRIGHT, ENHANCED COLOURS - Ammonia-free demi-permanent colour. Gentle on the hair. Thanks to its gel-cream base it is easy to apply and optimizes the absorption of the pigments.

Lakmé Haircare

TECHNOLOGY AT THE SERVICE OF HYDRATION - TEKNIA is the high-tech line from LAKMÉ for hair care and hydration.The TEKNIA improved formula has been prepared with carefully selected natural ingredients and using the most advanced technology to develop a range of shampoos, conditioners and treatments capable of restoring original qualities to all kinds of hair.

TEKNIA has added to its range of products a frequent use shampoo Gentle Balance that is totally organic and sulfate-free. In the Ultra range there are also two new products: Ultra Red, Ultra Copper and Ultra Brown that revive red, mahogany and copper colors. All the products are made with natural ingredients and do not contain environmentally unfriendly synthetic components.

Lakmé Treatments

K.THERAPY TREATMENTS - K.Therapy explores the wisdom of the use of natural ingredients and their therapeutic powers. The products incorporate different active principles from plants, which are combined with spa water from the Zermatt glacier (Switzerland) to provide a solution for the main problems of the hair and scalp.

This is Lakmé’s line of dermatological products, with spa components that provide an immediate sensation of comfort and wellbeing. The particles in the spa waters are encapsulated in liposomes to favor their absorption into the scalp. All the products have been dermatologically tested to ensure their remedial and protective effectiveness.

Lakmé Styling

K.STYLE - Once you have created a hairstyle, don’t let it fall out. Build the final effect using the latest tools against gravity. Extreme spray, mousse and gel for long-lasting, structural looks.

Sensationally shiny hair can make everything in life go more smoothly. Spray, wax, gel and pomade to make the leap from a nice hairstyle to a sensational one. The perfect shine and smoothness that will open all doors is in your hands.

If your hair wants to get ahead and refuses to go unnoticed, the first thing it needs is amazing body. Thick&Volume, in lotion or mousse, is the perfect coach for fine hair.

Lakmé Shape

STRAIGHT HAIR AND CURLS UNDER CONTROL - Lakmé has proved it is possible to control all kinds of curls and create natural, long-lasting, straight hair. The key lies in strengthening the cuticle from the inside, making it possible to act on the shape of the hair without endangering its health..

The lines K.Straight and K.Wave by Lakmé incorporate the active principle Keravis™ Active Care Complex, which impedes the rupture of the molecular bridges in the hair and reconstitutes the internal structure. Well-defined, elastic curls. Smooth, long-lasting straight styles. Lakmé increases the creative possibilities of the professional, facilitating even the most complex curling and the most extreme straightening processes.