Thinning Hair System Kits

The three parts of each NIOXIN system – cleanse, optimise and treat – work together to help create an optimal scalp environment and provide thicker, denser-looking hair.

NIOXIN Cleansers help to remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids and environmental residues from the scalp skin and hair.
NIOXIN's range of Scalp Revitaliser conditioners help to provide hair resilience and control moisture balance.
NIOXIN Scalp Treatments contain antioxidants and botanicals that help to thicken each hair strand and refresh the scalp.

Scalp Renew

A Complete Service To Revitalise Scalp Skin And Reduce Hair Breakage.

The Scalp Renew in-salon Dermabrasion Treatment and take-home Density Protection help restore a healthy look to your scalp and hair and give you maximum benefits from your NIOXIN 3-Part System.

Dermabrasion Treatment - An Anti-Aging Treatment To Help Regenerate And Revitalise Scalp Skin Through Exfoliation.
Density Protection - Restores A Dense, Vibrant, Healthy Appearance To Hair.

Intensive Treatment

Delivering Results To Specific Areas Of Concern

Customise your 3-Part System with NIOXIN’s Intensive Treatment products, specially designed to meet the individual needs of people with thin-looking hair.

Hair Booster - Delivers An Intensive Boost To Areas Of Low Density.
Deep Repair Hair Masque - Delivers Deep Conditioning, Manageability And Smoothness