Hair Herbal Extract

A non-presciptive product containing herbal actives that are proven to neutralize DHT. A leave-in treatment, the extract is massaged into the scalp twice daily. This product relies on a healthy, natural method of neutralizing DHT and encouraging blood flow to the scalp. Must be used with Nisim Shampoos – the extract is not a stand alone product. When you have achieved the desired results (typically 18-24 months), you can stop using the extract and maintain your hair using only the shampoo. This is not a product you have to use for the rest of your life. Available in two formulas:

Original (water/alcohol based), or Gel which (provides some styling properties).

Scalp Cleansing Shampoo

These unique, ultra deep cleansing shampoos have been specially formulated to maximize a clean and nutrient rich environment for improved healthy hair appearance. Nisim Shampoos are stand alone products.

The shampoo is so effective at improving the appearance of hair loss our clinical studies prove that excessive loss will be controlled within a short period with regular use. Available for both Normal to Oily and Normal to Dry hair and in 240ml, 1000ml and 60ml travel sizes.

Moisturising Conditioner

Hair Conditioning Products Specially formulated to compliment the shampoo and stimulating extract, these conditioners will leave your hair feeling and looking healthier and vibrant.

Finishing Rinse Conditioner – A thick, creamy conditioner designed to add maximum moisture to the hair shaft. A great all purpose conditioner. Oil Free Conditioner – Designed for people with fine, limp hair or a very oily scalp. Contains no oils or silicone that can weigh the hair down. New deep conditioning hair masque is designed to replenish moisture to very dry, damaged, over treated hair. Very effective at bringing overly treated and damaged hair back to life. Doubles as a great detangler and anti-static spray.

Styling Products

Healthy hair with style is not easily achieved. Styling tools like blow dryers, brushes, flat irons, dyes and chemical treatments can give your look an edge, but they can also damage your hair and scalp. And, if you’re treating your hair with harsh products, then its bound to become a breeding ground for split ends, brittle hair, thinning follicles and more. All Kerté products are nutrient-enriched, so they act as:

 - Moisturisers (so your hair won’t break or look dull)
 - Sunscreens (to protect your locks from harsh rays of the sun)
 - Nutrition (with a blend of natural extracts, amino acids and proteins)